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    So my GF and I had plans to travel to hondurus but with the sudden change in politics over there, we have decided to change our plans. We are going to try and cancel our plane tickets and hotel reservations tomorrow and decided to travel to the Miami area instead as she has family there.

    Our budget will probably be in the $2,000 area and will be leaving somewhere after July 29 and need to be back by the latest August 15. We plan on 2 days driving there and 2 back plus probably 5 days there.

    Day 1 - Leave AM, drive all day
    Day 2 - Leave AM, drive all day and check in hotel
    Day 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 - ???????????
    Day 8 - Leave AM, drive all day
    Day 9 - Leave AM, drive all day

    This is by no means set in stone and we could probably add a couple days and some more money if necessary. Also, we would be open to more days of driving down to see things along the way but I have no idea what we could do?

    Also, GF makes it so we will have to be using hotels everyday so I will most likely have to make reservations for everything to ensure a fair price.

    1 last thing, I am trying to see if we can find a rental place that won't limit miles or driving area so I can save some wear on my car if possible. I know this will bump the cost considerably but I think it is worth it in the long run. I guess it couldn't be a rental from NY since that is our state of residence but I would be able to get a ride to a nearby state in a reasonable distance, say NJ, CT, PA, maybe even MA. Please let me know if you are familiar with such a place.

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    It takes 2 full days to drive from NYC to Miami via I-95 without doing any sightseeing. You need to set some priorities - do you just want to get to Florida to spend a few days there? If so, you might as well just fly.

    If you can spend 3 or 4 days each way, you can take different routes down and back and see a lot of things - go down the coast one way and through the mountains the other way. You shouldn't need hotel reservations, just drive till you are tired and find a hotel on the Interstate or whatever town you are near. There shouldn't be any difference in prices between an advance reservation and a walkin.

    You need to check with all the major rental chains - you shouldn't have a problem finding one that you can drive to any state with unlimited mileage.

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    Ok, we have decided to take 95 down so we can get there ASAP. But we will have to leave August 10 so that gives us plenty of days to get back, say 4. What do you think would have more interesting things to stop and see or scenery along the way, mountain or coast? I am thinking we would probably prefer the coast but would like to know what each offers.

    As far as reservations, I just have had bad experience stopping at places and being charged well over $100 for the night and I'm kind of stuck paying and i know if I book a similar place online its like 60 or 70.

    I found a good rental place in Hartford, CT. $420 for two weeks in the cheap car plus insurance, whatever that will cost.

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    I was looking around the internet and think it would be cool to drive the Chesapeake bay tunnel bridge and I also heard of a ferry around there but I can't recall the name. What other roads do you recommend?

    I also just received my membership to AAA, anything good I can do with that?

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    Well, you could stop and see Savannah on the way back up, then take US-17 through Charleston and on up through Myrtle Beach and Wilmington. Work your way to Cedar Island and take the ferry to Ocracoke (reservations highly recommended) and on up the Outer Banks to Norfolk. Take the CBBT over to the "eastern shore" and then take the ferry from Lewes to Cape May (again, reservations) and head back to NYC up the Jersey shore.

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