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    Hi everyone, my husband has started a new job in Corvallis, Oregon, and on Saturday he'll be flying back home to the Tampa Bay area of Florida so the two of us and our dog can make the drive. Our stuff is being shipped, so we'll just be driving our Element.

    We plan to leave early Sunday morning, and we basically have until the following Sunday to get there. Ideally, we'd like to arrive on Saturday, but we don't want to push ourselves too far.

    What would be the best route to take? Most of the mapping sites send us through Atlanta/Tennessee/St Louis and then on to I80. Is this the best way? My husband would rather go through Colorado on I70, as we have a friend we could stop and visit, as well as visit Arches National Park. We thought we might try to drive more the first couple of days so we would have time later to make some stops.

    Sorry this is so long! Any advice is appreciated!

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    There are always options for every drive, and yours is no exception. Mapping routines usually define the 'best' route on the basis of time required, and generally favoring the shortest Interstate route. But there are usually other routes that aren't that much longer in either miles or time, and if they suit you better, so be it. Specifically, the route you mention is 3,150 miles. To alter it to use I-70 through Colorado would up that to 3,310 miles, just 160 miles farther. Over 6 or 7 days, that's nothing. On that note, we generally recommend around 550 miles/day as a nice sustainable pace that leaves a little time for a couple of short sight seeing breaks each day. That means you should schedule 6 days for the drive, plus any significant extra time that you might want to spend at special places or with special people along the way.


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