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    I've done the trip to Ohio, and hated it every time. Chicago is a long way from Cleveland even after that brutality. Any recommendations about a "scenic" leisurely drive to Chicago? I can take two days to do it one way (maybe three).

    We are taking the convertible, and would rather dash around mountains than brave the Interstates. How about Route 30? Anybody done that?

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forums!

    I have also driven the Turnpikes more times than I care to think about and long ago started looking for alternatives. Between the DC area and Chicago, one that I like is US-40, the old National Road, to Wheeling, WV, then US-250 to Wooster, OH and finally US-30 into Chicago. That routing misses most of the large cities in the way and follows either good four lane divided highways or runs parallel to an Interstate so that you shouldn't lose too much time by using it as an alternative.


  3. Default Sounds like an option

    Won't take too much longer, and you can jump on an Interstate to make up time whenever. What would you say are some of the "scenic" highlights of that Route? I was thinking National Highway, so that makes sense. And what about Route 30 all the way across from Pittsburgh to Indianapolis?

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    Besides the historical significance of following the route of the old National Road past Fort Necessity, US-40 is just a lovely road as it follows the Potomac River valley up out of the Washington/Baltimore area and over the Blue Ridge in western Maryland and southwestern Pennsylvania. The reason I suggest US-250/US-30 rather than just US-40 (not US-30) straight through from Pittsburgh to Indianapolis is that I never found beating my way through cities, or even around them on beltways, to be particularly scenic. I'd far rather be out in farm country with the top down smelling the clover (and, OK, other farm smells), and driving through small towns. US-250/US-30 also offers the option of taking OH-39 as a shortcut from New Philadelphia to Mansfield. That will take you right through the heart of Ohio Amish country.


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    Closer to home - have you ever taken I-68 to go that direction? I like that a lot better than I-70 and the Turnpike.

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    I love driving around Western Maryland along Route 40 and of course I have taken I-68 to Deep Creek Lake (although that was in the truck). This sounds like a really nice route along National Highway. What about the route through Ohio and points North?

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