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    Default Pack your cooler and restock it!!

    This is, of course, the best way to save money on a long road trip. My husband and I recently returned from a cross country trip to the Grand Canyon and surrounding National Parks. We did really good on our food budget on the way down, and we ate a lot of our meals from our cooler and food we brought. However, since we extended the trip by a couple of days, we ran out of food and ended up splurging repeatedly at fast food joints. This alone blew our budget. DO NOT GIVE IN TO FAST FOOD! (well, every once in a while is ok, but please, learn the lesson I learned and don't have it for every meal- even if its only for a couple of days.)

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    Default Absolutely

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    Eating out of a cooler is a great way to save money, and one of the only consistant things you'll find on my trips is that I end up stopping at a grocery store in almost every city!

    Here are more tips for saving cash by eating out of your cooler.

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    Default Keeping it cool(er)

    I find myself in a lot of different grocery stores on my trips, too. It's interesting to see that some places that look mediocre from the outside have quite a good selection on the inside (such as a recent stop at a Wegman's in New York).

    It's important to remember that a cooler doesn't automatically equal sandwiches, though that may be the most obvious use for one.


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