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    Default Any help would be great - First time to the US - Road Trip Vancouver to Vegas

    Hey guys,

    Just wondering if anyone can help me? My partner and I are looking at doing a one way road trip from Vancouver to Las Vegas and flying out of LA International airport.

    Places we want to visit are Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Vegas and Disneyland. So if anyone can let me know of any great places to visit within these places or anywhere in between...please let me know.

    The plan is to either camp, stay at backpackers or find a nice little hotel. If anyone knows of any great places... please let me know.

    What routes are best to take? What places are a 'must see'? Which places are best to stay overnight?

    We only plan to do this trip over about 9 days. Is this an OK time frame, or are we pushing it?

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated.



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    You only want to visit cities or do you want to see more?

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    Default A little more research.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    A lot will depend on your interests and how much time you want to spend at each place with regards to other things to see, but we don't do "must See's" as there is no one size trip that suits all. With 9 days you certainly have a bit of time for sight seeing as you could drive the distance in 3 full days. The forums are full of info and to get some ideas use the search button, you will find thousands of threads. There are lots of options along the coastal routes and inland so have a good look at the map.

    If you are renting a car I doubt you will be able to start in Canada and drop it off in the USA but you could use public transport to Seattle for instance.

    I would definitely not go from SF to Sand Diego to Vegas and back to LA, but instead either take the coast as far as Cambria/Morro bay and then head inland to Vegas and then SD, or from SF you could drive through the wonderful NP of Yosemite, across Death valley to Vegas and then SD and LA.
    When you have had a look around and built a picture of the things you would like to see pop back and we can help you piece it altogether.

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    Thanks for the help Dave.
    I will have a good look through the forum and see exactly what we want to do and get back to you.


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    Default What's he best way of seeing The Gand Canyon?

    Hey guys,

    Just wondering what the best way of seeing the grand canyon?

    Is it best to do a tour from Vegas or just drive your car and do it on your own? We were planning on departing Vegas heading to the Grand Canyon then either back to Vegas or just drive tothe net destination and camp the night.

    Are there a few different entrances and view points of the canyon? If so, what are the best ways of getting there via Vegas?
    I know this may sound stupid, but i have looked at so many maps of the canyon, and they all seem to talk about a few different view ponts. What is the best? Where should we go?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

    Clueless Aussie
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    Default lots of views

    The Grand Canyon is miles long, so there are a lot of view points.

    Here are the 3 basic areas.
    The South Rim - this is the most popular area, easiest to get to, and has the most services.

    The North Rim - a bit more remote, at a higher elevation, and is closed during the winter months (roads are not plowed).

    The West Rim - is not part of the national park system, and is actually on an indian reservation. This is where the skywalk is located, and many of the helicopter tours from Vegas go.

    The canyon is pretty easy to visit on your own, but its not a daytrip from Las Vegas. If you are going to go on your own, you really should spend the night near the Canyon. There's nothing wrong with doing a tour, if that's the way you prefer to travel, but I would avoid the trips where you go to the canyon and back to vegas in one day, as you are forced to do a very rushed trip.

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    Default Canyon Help

    Thanks Michael,

    I have looked into some helicopter flights. Do you know if they actually depart from Las Vegas or only from Grand Canyon airstrip?

    If my partner and I decide to drive from Vegas and visit the South Rim... is this the right route to take:
    Take highway 93 south to Interstate 40 East to highway 64.

    Do you know of a nice place to stay after the day trip to the Canyon? Death Valley, Hoover Dam? We just want somewhere to pitch a tent. I think after the Canyon, we are going to head to San Diego.

    Thanks again.

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    That's the route, and you need to allow at least 6 hours due to security delays at Hoover Dam.

    You can tent camp right inside the park. Reservations highly recommended.

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    Default As was said

    The Grand Canyon is not a daytrip from Las Vegas. If you want to camp, you should plan to camp at or near the Grand Canyon. All of the other places you mentioned are several hours away (and in the case of Death Valley, nearly a full days drive away, on the other side of Las Vegas)

    Any helicopter tours are going to be of the west rim, because they are not allowed to fly in the canyon inside the national park. As far as where they depart from, you need to consult with what the individual tour operator.

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    Default Or both.

    If you decide on an air tour from Vegas they normally will pick you up form your hotel and take you to the airport. As it has already been said these only land at the West rim on Indian lands, which no doubt is pretty spectacular but will not show you the famous views seen in pictures throughout the world. If you can find the time I would definitely drive to the South rim and stand on the edge of the canyon and soak it all up, including a sunset/rise. From I-40 take the 64 from Williams through the South entrance and leave by Desert view drive [also the 64] out of the East entrance and down the 89 to Flagstaff. Depending on your time of travel, from the village area you can get a free shuttle bus to Hermits rest, hopping on and off at various viewpoints before driving along Desert view drive which has many more great view points along the way. This will give you the best of the canyon with only a little time there.
    If a flight in a helicopter is appealing and you want to visit the main canyon area, you have the option of taking a flight from Grand canyon airport in Tusayan, just outside the South entrance. We took a 50 min flight with Papillon helicopters over the North rim and painted desert which was spectacular.

    Mather campground that glc linked you too inside the park is a great location to set up camp.
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