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    Hey everyone!
    I'm about to go on my first solo trip from Washington, D.C. to Sioux Falls, S.D. for an internship there. I I'm 20 .. and a girl.. and the longest drive I've taken alone is 2 hours. I'm not just looking at this trip as just get-from-point-a-to-point-b. I want to learn about myself and my country, but, I'm not sure what to expect. My mom is extremely nervous about it and I can't help but be a little nervous, too. I'm pretty confident that I'll be okay and it will be a great experience.

    From my understanding, I'll drive through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinos, Indiana, Minnesota and South Dakota. Does anyone think it's possible for me to actually stop and see attractions? What precautions should I take? What should I always have with me? I'm really unsure of how this will go!


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The fact is that thousands of people are on the road every day taking RoadTrips and in fact you've taken some already. While 2 hours is not a huge distance to travel from home, all this bigger trip amounts to is several such trips strung together. In fact, I recommend that people break long RoadTrips up in to 2-3 hour segments and find some excuse, a park, a cute town, a meal, anything, to take a break every few hours, get out of the car and get some exercise. Now I know that 20 is not a teenager anymore, but it might help you and your mother to allay some of your concerns if you both read this article and have a good frank discussion of what you can expect. One thing that would certainly help is to have a set itinerary and call home once or twice a day to just check in as well as share some of your adventures.

    If you can allow yourself three days for the drive to Sioux Falls, then you'll start to have time to visit places along the way. What you can see would depend on how much time you'll actually have and what your interests are.


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    The fact that you are a little nervous,and that you have asked here are great starts. I suggest that you have a phone with you and arrange for a roadside assistance membership such as AAA.

    And above all, follow your gut feelings. If it doesn't feel right... it is not right. If a place feels uncomfortable... get out. Just stick to all the common sense things you do at home. And yes, you can talk to strangers... but only in a public place.

    You'll be right... enjoy your trip.

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