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    Default cross country via I40 NC to Calif.

    We are planning a cross country trip from Wilm. NC to San Diego,Calif.via I 40
    with sight seeing along the way,we will have a thirteen year old in wheel chair, and a seven year old,both boys. Do you have any suggestion of interesting things, we have plan to doing Branson, Mo, Grand Canyon,so far.
    We did this trip in 2007 but would like to see different things this time, we plan on 30 days or maybe more.

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    Default Stops Big and Small

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The bad thing about RoadTripping with small children, especially boys, is that they need to be entertained on a regular basis. The good thing is that they are easily entertained. So besides looking for big, whole day stops like Branson and the Grand Canyon, plan on 2 or 3 stops at smaller venues near the Interstates. Your boys will get quite a lot out of such stops, and so will you. But really 30 days is almost too much time to take to cross the country. You can make the drive, even at a very leisurely pace, in a week leaving you a lot of time to fill. If there's a reason you're going to San Diego, then plan on using much of your time there rather than on the road. Even if this is a round trip in 30 days, you should plan on taking at least two weeks in San Diego where there is plenty to do that is particularly suited to young boys including Balboa Park, harbor tours, SeaWorld, the Zoo, etc., etc.


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    Default cross country trip NC to Calif.

    Our trip will be round trip (30+days)We have family in California we plan to stay with some. We want to see the Redwoods,I am sure there is other places they would enjoy,and the adults would like some special places noted for their food. we want it to be a fun trip for them and us. In 2007 we went
    8004 miles,in 30days. We like some of the off beaten places that are interesting, any thing you know about would help us plan would be appreciated. I saw this on web and think your service is a wonderful help to
    the traveler.

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    Default your outline

    The great thing about a 30 day trip is that you have plenty of room to work with and find things that meet your interests. However, you really need to come up with the basic outline of your trip. The redwoods are a good 2 day drive from San Diego. With the amount of time you have, that is certainly a possibility, but its a very long way from I-40 and the direct route. So, I think you need to come up with at least a basic plan that lays out some of the highlights of where you want to go. That will give everyone else a better idea about what you are thinking and more direction about what ideas would be helpful for for you.

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    Default cross country trip NC to Calif.

    this is what we have planned so far- still planning
    Wilm,NC to Nashville,Tenn
    Nashville to Branson,Mo
    Branson,Mo to Forest City, Ark
    Forest city,ark to Elk City,OK see some route 66
    Elk City,OK to Amarillo,TX
    over to Palo Doro Canyon, we have seen this before and it is magnificent
    nothing is set in stone we like stopping on side trips

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    Default Mapping it out.


    There are so many great things to see in the Southwest I think you need to keep researching and building your trip as Michael suggested and then we can help you join all those dots together. On the way to Grand canyon you could go through the Four corners region, some options here would be Canyon De Chelley, Mesa Verde and Monument valley. After GC one option would be to head South to Sedona and through Red rock state park on the way to SD. If you wanted to see the Redwoods you could head up the coast road [PCH] to San Fran or an option would be the giant Sequoia trees in the National park [big trees, different type]. Yosemite is one of my favorite places and you could choose to cut across from there into Utah and then to I-70 through Colorado on the way home where there are numerous options such as Zion and Bryce canyon, Arches NP, the Rocky's and so on.
    You will never be able to see it all but hopefully that will get your "creative juices" flowing and you will be able to start picking and choosing places of interest and start working out how much time you want to be on the road and how long to spend at each place and how long in San Diego.

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