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  1. Default From FLA to PA to NY and back-- Need advice and suggestions!

    Hey there, I'm Joe.

    My girlfriend and I would like to take a long road trip. From the Tampa Bay area we'd like to go to Helen, GA (we've been there before and love it), then to Mt. Holly, NC (I think-- her friend lives there), then to VA- I have family in Richmond and Williamsburg and I definitely want to go to DC, then we'll be off to Mercer, PA to visit a good friend and maybe some distant family.

    From there I figure we should go to NY since I've never been and we'll be closer to it then than we are here. Then we'll head home-- probably stopping back in Williamsburg and Mt. Holly for a free sleep. =]

    I'm hoping for some suggestions on which roads to take- I don't want to stay on the interstate the whole drive because then I'll miss everything on the way. I'd much rather a charming scenic drive! And any suggestions on certain cities or landmarks I should consider seeing on the way would be very much appreciated!

    Thank you!!

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    Default Some Suggestions Then

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    One thing you'll need to do is organize your trip to make the best use of your drives up and down, particularly if you want to use scenic byways rather than Interstates (which can often be almost as scenic), and if the time you have is limited but the number of destinations is less so. To that end, you should be considering different routes northbound and southbound so you're not duplicating effort. So take a look at an inland route northbound that would include Helen, Mount Holly, and Mercer, then a coastal route southbound hitting New York, Washington, Richmond, and Williamsburg. There are lots of relatively scenic routes in the South that follow four lane divided (but not controlled access) Highways. Some examples to consider would be US-19 up through Florida and Georgia, the Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway between Helen and Mount Holly, perhaps some small portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway perhaps from roughly Asheville to Mount Airy. then US-219 up through eastern West Virginia before using -79 through Pittsburgh to Mercer. US-6 across northern Pennsylvania would be a great, albeit slower, alternative to I-80 for the run to New York. Unfortunately, there are no great alternatives to the New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland Turnpikes (I-95) to Washington, but once you leave Williamsburg for the final drive home look at US-17, US-13, and US-301 as alternatives to I-95 the rest of the way.


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