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    We are taking a road trip from Chicago to Niagara Falls in a few weeks. We are planning for about a week round trip, spending 2-3 days of it in Niagara Falls. The rest of the time I would like to spend stoping at sights, etc along the way. I was wondering if anyone has made this trip and knows of anything I should not miss along the way or just knows of sights/attractions that are worth a little bit of a diversion. I am thinking about taking I80 to I90 route, but if something is worth it, I am willing to change that road plan. Just looking to get the most out of our trip.

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    First question - do you all have passports? If not, don't plan on going to Canada, and in my opinion the Canadian side of Niagara Falls has more to offer than the US side. If you do, why not go through the US one way and through Canada the other way?

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    We do all have passports. I hear they are not needed if you cross by car, but I don't want to take any changes. My wife and I have had ours for years. I have been to the falls before, years ago for a business conference. But this is the first time for the drive there. That's why I am interested in things to see along the way. Coming back thru Canada is an interesting idea. Thanks!

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    Default You need passports even if walk across!

    Quote Originally Posted by pgmrjtg View Post
    I hear they are not needed if you cross by car
    Your information is not current. Passports are required whether you drive, walk, ride or fly across the border.


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    Thanks. We are covered on the passports. Just looking for tips/advice on sights/attractions for the road trip.

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    I live in Buffalo and have driven to Chicago and back. [Edit as per forum policy] We got off and took Rt.20 for good portion which was nice-we saw some great old farms, ate at a cool diner in a small town somewhere in Indiana, and lots more. You will also save some money on tolls but it takes a bit longer. Once you get into NY you should get on Rt. 5 and drive along the lake. You definitely need to stop at Red Top, which is on Rt. 5 in Hamburg, NY. It's a classic hot dog stand, all outdoor seating with a view of the lake. It's been here for 40+ years. Waffle fries, charbroiled food, milk shakes (the best yogurt shakes), and more. Rt. 5 will also take you into Buffalo and from there I am sure others or if you go on can give you suggestions. Skip anchor bar, good wings can be found at most pizza places.
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    Anybody know of something to see along I-80/I-90 to stop and see? What about good things in Niagara Falls? We plan to spend some time in Toronto as well. Anything there?

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    The actual falls is great to see, if you have the money you can do some of the attractions but in all my years here I have only done the Spanish car things, which I recommend.

    Clifton Hill is a tourist trap. Horrible chain restaurant food, over priced plastic souvenirs, overpriced attractions that are boring (wax museum for one) etc etc. But if that is your thing then by all means go but if I was driving 9 or so hours I would want to do something I can't do or see anywhere else. I would suggest checking out Niagara-on-the-lake, Lewiston, or doing a tour around Elmwood and Delaware Park in Buffalo.
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