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  1. Default Grand Canyon South Rim to Los Angeles Airport

    I am an Aussie travelling to the US late September with my family. There is one part of my trip I am concerned about and looking for help. Due to prebooked flights/accomodations etc I can't change or extend my stay.

    We will be staying at the Grand Canyon South Rim overnight and the next morning heading off back to Los Angeles Airport for our flight home. Our Flight leaves at 11:50pm so I am planning on leaving Grand Canyon South Rim at 11am to hopefully reach the airport at 9pm at the latest so allowing 10 hours for the trip. Does that sound realisic?

    If I Google Map it it says it's 506 Miles, 7.5 hours to 9.5 hours depending on traffic. Considering it will be Sunday should I expect minimal traffic as I head toward LA making the trip more toward 7.5 than 9.5 hours?

    I am hoping 8.5 hours for the trip and three half hour breaks will get me there in 10 hours confortably.

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    Better leave at 9am. You just don't know. Don't forget the time it will take to turn in the rental car, settle your bill, and get to the terminal and through security. There is NEVER a no traffic situation in LA.

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    Default I'd leave earlier

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Realistically, this is about a 10 hour trip in good conditions, however, LA has some huge potential traffic problems, especially in the evening hours when you'll be traveling. It could easily take you 3-4 hours to cover your last 100 miles on a bad day.

    Personally, I never like starting out so far from the airport on the day of travel, because it doesn't leave you a lot of room in case you hit an unforseen problem (not to mention, its going to make for a killer flight back home being on a plane for the length of a trans-pacific flight after being in a car all day long). However, if you can't rework your trip so you are starting closer, I would leave by 9am at the very latest, and would probably try to leave even earlier in the day if possible. At worst, if you end up in LA a couple hours early, you can spend a little time on the beach before heading back home.

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