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    I wanted to get a some info from anyone who has traveled from Dallas Texas to savannah Georgia. I will be mostly driving on the I-20e when I cross the la,ms, and crossing into Alabama then I will be al-8e to the I-65N to 80-E then the 185N to the 280E then 80 to the 96e to the 16e. I just wanna know if there are any blackouts for cell phone or bad towns or things I should try and avoid or anything and hotels and how long does the trip usually take. Mapquest says 17 hours and 37 minutes and around $212 in gas.

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    The trip you are talking about is a bit over 1000 miles, which means you're looking at a pretty full 2 days on the road. Real world travel times, this is about 20 hours on the road, but again, this is too long of a trip to be measured in hours - you need to think in terms of days. Meridian, Mississippi would be about the halfway point.

    Cell phone reception is generally pretty good along the interstates, but there's just no way of knowing the specifics of where you might hit some dead spots. It depends upon way too many factors, including your phone and your provider, just to name a couple.

    I also wouldn't worry about places to avoid. Use your instincts and move along if something doesn't feel right, but remember, every place is someone's hometown, and there are no towns that I've ever visited that should be wholesalely avoided.

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