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  1. Default Summer road trip from California to Arizona, possibly to Canada

    Hi I'm brand new to this forum, and u can probably tell this from my subject heading.

    Anyways I'm here because I totally need ur help. My husband is very busy working and has put me in charge of planning a summer road trip for 10 days in August. We have a party of 5, consisting of myself and hubby, my 5yr old son, 4 yr old daughter and 5 mth old baby son. We live in Corona, California and plan to start by going to San Diego, to visit the zoo,wild animal park and seaworld.

    After San Diego we plan to drive to Arizona to see the Grand Canyons. This is where the trip becomes a blur, as we don't know about anysight or good places to visit/stay at from San Diego to Arizona. And here's the husband has family in Canada, and says that if the trip is going well, we can drive all the way to Canada.

    Please help me, any recommendations, resourcses u can refer me to, ideas or any advice u can give me, I would greatly appreciate.

    I really want to make this trip a memorable one for my family.

    Thanks all

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    Default Yep, that will stop it going well ! [Ha ha !]

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    There are many wonderful places in Arizona, Utah and New Mexico but Canada ? With 10 days available and say a couple in SD, 1 day travelling and two more in GC and half of your time has gone. I don't know where in Canada but to get to the border and back you would be driving something like 10 hours a day and have to turn around and do the same on the way back in 5 days. Not possible I'm afraid, especially with the young ones.
    I would get the map out and use the search button to get info from the forums and look at things of interest to you and then we could help you piece your trip together.

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    Thanks Dave,

    Canada is out....I got that! Also I got ideas about starting...will do exactly as u recommend. Looking for a map now.

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    Default With Kids

    Yes, I'm afraid Canada is right out. Even Vancouver is 3 days each way. Add in the two days (minimum) to go see San Diego, and you'll have spent 10 days in the car. That's just too much to expect the kid's to enjoy. Fortunately you live in an area that is one of the most requested RoadTrip areas and there have been plenty of discussions about things to do a lot closer to home.


  5. Default Cost of RV Rental

    Can anyone tell me what's the most reasonable price to expect to pay for a medium - small RV rental for 10 days?

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    Default too many variables

    Sorry to tell you that there are just so many variables, such as where you are renting from, the exact size, the dates you need it, there's just no way to give a generic answer.

    You really just need to shop around and get a few quotes. You will probably find a pretty significant swing even among the different companies, and when planning a trip, something that is such a large portion of any budget, its not something you'd want to estimate anyway.

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