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    Me and my roomate are planning a trip from San Deigo to Las Vegas during the holiday weekend. July 3-5th. We are probably thinking of leavign early morning on the 3rd. Spend 3rd night and 4th night in Las Vegas and get back on the 5th. It would be short but we are looking for things to do on the way. Things we are considering:

    Palm Springs
    Joshua Tree
    Hoover Dam

    We don't want to spend all our time on the strip so is there anything cool to see within 10 mi of Las Vegas? We are also a little concerned, since this is a long weekend for everybody, there might be a lot of traffic or things might be closed. We also heard the heat this time of year is unbearable. Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Default A really mild July thus far!

    Quote Originally Posted by kiwi66 View Post
    Me and my roomate are planning a trip from San Deigo to Las Vegas during the holiday weekend.
    You'll have a good time -- so far this summer, the temps have been incredibly mild... I doubt we've broken more than 105 more than twice. The current outlook is calling for temps in the in the low 100's -- This is very unusual for us. Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum. There is so much to do here besides the strip (which is still darn cool). Here are five day-trips to consider. One of my favorite places is Grapevine Canyon. There are gold mines you can explore within 45 minutes of the city. Hoover Dam is the site of one of the most amazing engineering projects currently underway in the world. You gotta look at these photos!

    Here are some suggestions of routes between San Diego and Las Vegas....
    Las Vegas to San Diego


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    The Hoover Dam is very cool.
    But if you are into hiking and outdoor stuff, Red Rock Canyon and Valley of Fire are some of the best places in southern Nevada.

    Red Rock Canyon is only about 15 miles from the strip, and is a ring of mountains that has dozens of hiking trials off of a 13 miles scenic drive. you could spend an hours to a whole weekends here. Valley of Fire is more of a day trip. It is about and hour or less from Vegas, but has some of the most incredible and strange rock formations ever. Definitely worth the trip.

    As for getting there, i say going through palm springs than the Mojave desert is best. Its the shortest, and the fastest (open desert roads means no "real" speed limits),28.54248&z=6

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    I wouldn't necessarily say that - I've seen the CHP on Amboy Rd, and they also use aircraft.

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