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  1. Default Providence > Portland > Burlignton > Toronto: scenic routes?

    Hi all!

    I'm making a four day roadtrip with my buddy: DC to Providence (by interstate at night to avoid traffic), Providence to Portland, Portland to Burlington, and Burlington to Toronto. I'd like to stick to two-laners hwys except for to avoid traffic (eg in the area between Providence and Boston) but what, generally, would be the most scenic or interesting routes between these places? I'll be taking pictures of the likes of which you can see at my site, if that helps.

    Thank you!!


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    Starting off a trip by driving 7 hours at night is not a good way to start off a trip. Your body clocks will be screwed up for the rest of the trip. Why not take an alternate route to avoid the I-95 corridor?

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    we may well stay in a motel two hours outside of providence--my friend doesn't get off work until 7pm, so, in other words, we're going to get going asap, then stay on the interstates until we get tired with providence as the first stop. mind you, we're 23 and 27 year olds whose regular bedtimes are 2am! :D

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    Default Two to Read Through

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There are two collections of discussions that you should read through, one covering New England and the other covering Niagara to Washington (roughly). There is discussion in those of both destinations and roads, but if after checking them out, you still have questions, just speak up.


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