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    Planning road trip from Chicagoland to South Carolina w/kids 7,9,11(girls and boy). We have a tournament in Greenville....but would like to find cool, scenic family friendly things to do as we travel. Will need one overnight about 1/2 the way down. Where would you spend your overnight and what would you do there? Also, what is there to do in or around Greenville....we would hope to then extend our stay in Myrtle Beach. Then, would like to find a different route home with more interesting things to see and do.Any suggestions??? NOT interested in Illinois or Indiana visitation....more interested in the Southern part of the trip!!! THNKS

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    All along whatever route(s) you take down and back, there are ample opportunities for relaxing breaks. You just need to make use of them. Halfway down, using the most direct route, would be around Lexington, KY. If you arrive before nightfall, a driving/walking tour of some of the horse farms in the area might be in order. Then on the second day, more walking/shopping in Gatlinburg and definitely a hike or two in the Great Smoky Mountains.

    Rather than head for Myrtle Beach, I'd suggest that you instead look at going to Charleston. It just has a greater variety of things to do, including visits to old plantations complete with boat rides through alligator infested swamps and a ferry ride through the harbor out to Fort Sumter as well as nearby beaches.

    On the way back, if you stay a bit west of your southbound route the major attraction would be Mammoth Cave National Park


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    Default Kids and Myrtle Beach

    Hello lesann,

    While I am notoriously one with no affinity for Myrtle Beach, I can well imagine your kids, at their age, would love it. Think "Navy Pier on Steroids", plus warm ocean waves to frolic in. The horrors of the crowds, the amusement parks, the Boardwalk, and the high-rise condos, so displeasing to me, really lights up the kids. I'd do it, if for no reason other than you can hold it over them for years.

    On the return trip, a reasonable day's drive would take you to the Boone/Blowing Rock area of northwestern NC. There I'd venture over to Damascus, VA and book a ride on the Virginia Creeper Trail. The whole family can enjoy the 17 mile all downhill ride from Whitetop Station back down to Damascus. It'll require close to a full day to get to Damascus, take the ride, and get back on the road for a nearby overnight stop. This is not a knarly single-track mountain bike ride, but is instead a gentle former railroad grade ride which is perfect for kids and parents. Bike rentals with a the shuttle ride to the top will run you around $25 per person. A somewhat more adventurous activity would be a whitewater rafting trip on the Nolichucky River, near Erwin, TN, also an hour or so from Boone, or it can be easily accessed from Asheville, allowing for I-26 travel through the mountains. There the Nantahala Outdoor Center is the premium outfitter, and they take kids along, too. I last took a raft trip there when my sons, now 22 and 26, were 7 and 11. The NOC guides take good care of you (safety-wise) and the kids would likely love it.

    Both the bike ride and the river run would involve cool mountain air, a refreshing break from the tournament in Greenville and the beach trip to Myrtle Beach.

    From either Damascus/Abingdon, VA or Erwin, TN, accessing I-81 and I-40 back towards Knoxville, thence to the Mammoth Cave, KY area suggested by AZBuck would be a fairly easy day's drive.

    Enjoy planning and taking your RoadTrip, with kids and the Hermit Crab you will inevitably be saddled with if you go to Myrtle Beach.


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    Think "Navy Pier on Steroids"
    How about - think Navy Pier, Oak St. Beach, and Wisconsin Dells all rolled into one?

  5. Default Thanks, Now THAT what I am lookin' for!

    Thanks for all the terrific ideas. Sometimes I post a request for suggestions and people will say..."see the childrens museum". Hooo hummmm. I dont want to go where I have already been in the Chicagoland area. And, of course, if you live near Chicago or have been on a lengthy know that most places fail to compare to the Chicago museums, highrise skyline over Lake Michigan, shopping, famazing restaurants, etc. But...I cannot river raft on the Chicago River or catch a crab on the Lake. Thanks a bunch!!!!

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