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    How much is gas running in the Vegas - Grand Canyon - Denver - South Dakota - Yellowstone area these days?

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    You can keep tabs on that yourself!

    If you are trying to budget for a trip you are taking now, $3 is a safe number to use. It looks like it's about $2.70 in Vegas, $2.60 in Flagstaff, $2.50 in Denver, and $2.65 in Rapid City and Bozeman.

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    We budgeted $4 but were hoping for less -- much less. In our area it seemed that gas was going up about .10/week, but it seems to have leveled off around the 2.60 mark.

    Thanks for the link! It's accurate for my own area, so I'm inclined to trust it.

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    Default its all here

    You'll also find links to Gas Buddy sites as part of the Fuel Cost Calculator on the left side of every page at RTA.

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