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  1. Default Los Angeles to Nashville area with 4 kids and 2 dogs!

    We are driving from Los Angeles to Columbia, TN. It is almost 2000 miles and we will be travelling in a large van with our 4 kids (ages 10 - 17 years old) and two small dogs.

    We did this trip 3 years ago & camped and took six days averaging between 300 and 400 miles a day. This time we are staying in motels.

    I would love to shave a day or two off and do the trip in 4 and 1/2 days. Is that realistic considering my travelling companions :)? This means I'd be driving around 450 miles a day.


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    Default Absolutely

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forums!

    450 miles a day is quite a reasonable and maintainable pace. What you'll want to do, though, is break it up into smaller chunks, maybe a couple of hours behind the wheel at a time. Fortunately, there are a wealth of interesting and enjoyable places to stop along the Interstates that you, the kids, and the dogs should all find refreshing breaks. In fact, since we normally recommend around 500-550 miles a day as a nice pace, you could even try for 4 days and save yourself a night's expense.


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    You will have to do some research prior to leaving for pet-friendly motels. Motel 6 allows only ONE pet per room, for example. Most hotels that allow pets will require a damage deposit, and some will apply a surcharge, which can be quite hefty, costing as much as the room itself.

    Good overnights for a 4 day trip look to be Holbrook AZ, Amarillo, and Little Rock.

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    Thank you! These responses are very encouraging.

    We are most likely doing the Motel 6 route. Almost all motels only allow 4 people per room and we have 6. But, it is still cheaper for us to get 2 rooms at a Motel 6 than it would be for us to get a suite someplace else especially when you add in the pet fees! And since we'd be getting 2 rooms, we'd be OK with a dog in each room and Motel 6 doesn't charge any pet fees either.

    The only place I have found that is a better deal is at the Drury Inn. They will fit all 6 of us and our dogs plus give us free happy hour drinks & food and a hot breakfast all for around $100 a night. So when I count in the food & nice lodging, it can be worth the extra $30 - $40 a night above the cost of 2 rooms at the Motel 6 :)! We stayed there once in Austin and it was such a treat!

    If anyone else has suggestions or ideas for this trip, I'd love to hear them.


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    The Motel 6 in Holbrook is a very nice, large, new hotel. Rooms are $39.99 plus tax, free wifi. Room key gets you 10% discount at Denny's next door.

    If you spend the night in Amarillo, have dinner at the Big Texan.

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    Default dog-friendly places in ABQ

    There are several dog parks situated very close to the Interstate in Albuquerque, as you can see on this map. One good source for information on dog-friendly places here in town is ABQDog, and is good as well.

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