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    My wife and I are thinking of flying from London to Vancouver, staying for 3-4days and slowly making our way down to San Fransisco to fly home. We definately want to spend a couple of days in Seattle and Portland, but besides that we haven't got a clue.

    We would appreciate any help and advice anyone can give us. We realise that there is so much so see and do and we'll have to be selective. Our particular preferences are good food and wine, natural beauty and architecture and the buzz of cafe culture in town and cities.

    We have been to San Fransisco before for a few days on Honeymoon in 2004 but everything else is new to us.

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

    Rob & Lausanne

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forums!

    Yes, indeed, there is a lot to see and you won't have nearly the time to sample all of it, but you can pick a few of your favorites and make time for as many as you can. One problem you should tackle right now is the car hire. It will be difficult if not impossible to rent a car in Canada and leave it in the United States. Renting in either country, crossing to the other and back would not be a problem, but leaving it in the other country will present problems. Make sure that whatever company you are considering allows this, and that the one way drop-off charge (which I would expect to be around $500) is reasonable. If you can't find a deal that works for you, you can consider going from Vancouver to Seattle by train, ferry of bus and picking up your rental car in the U.S.


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    Thanks, that is something I wasn't aware of (or didn't think of) so very useful

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