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    I and my two friends are planning a trip from Texas to Toronto in June. I have done this once before but by my car. What are my cheapest options for a one way car rental? Since I have never rented a car before except maybe for a day when my car brokedown.I want to know the pro and cons. Would it be cheaper if all 3 of us took a flight? time is not a constraint for us. Money is...

    I would really appreciate any info...thank you...Alan

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    The biggest problem with renting in this case will be the international aspect. There are very few companies that will allow you to drop off an American rental car in Canada, and the ones that do will charge a pretty substatial amount for that option. Obviously, if you are under 25, that will be a big factor in the price too.

    Really, the only thing you can do is get a bunch of quotes and find out what the rates are for the time you want to travel and then compare those costs (also factor in fuel and other on the road costs if the length of your trip changes) with those of airline tickets.

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    Hi Alan,

    I hired my car with, but not only people from Belgium or Holland can rent them there, so you can try this site out as well I guess.

    I have rented with them already twice and I don't regret at all. That's why I contacted them again for my car rental in America.

    I always check prices at different sites and they are always cheapest. I have a 25 day rental, medium sized car for 585 euro. They told me I can drive it all over North America, Canada and I even think Alaska without any surcharge (but I don't know if you can really drop it there for this price). Also the additional driver is extra, but this has to be arranged in America. It should be all taxes included as well, I hope this is really true. These options may depend on the company you actually hire, but you have to ask them (they told me I rent with Alamo). They have a free phone number, so you can shoot all your questions on them!

    I suggest: check their site, call them and ask every question you can think of, certainly ask with which company you are renting, then ask that they email you a price offer (and they might already offer you a 20 € discount - to make you pay quicker), then go to the site of the company you are renting with and carefully check their general conditions as well. If you have any questions about them, then call again to and ask them! Wait a few days before paying and they might send you again a discount of 20€. Anyway, this is how it happened with me :).

    And a last golden rule: check everything when you pick up, take pictures, and make sure that you are with them when you drop the car. And ask for some proove that everything is ok. I am just saying this, because once when I dropped my car in Nice (France) Avis charged me a full tank of fuel (almost 100€) while there was only a small part out (I did not have the time to refuel). Eventually they paid me back, but with a lot of effort on my side!

    I hope this helps!


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    It's probably true that your biggest obstacle here (as far as the rental car)will be picking up the car in Texas and being able to drop it off in Toronto. If you find that the car rental company is unwilling to let you do that, you may want to check two seperate rentals. Try checking availability for a pickup in Texas and drop of at a location in Buffalo, NY or Niagara Falls, NY. You should then be able to get a different vehicle to rent from NY to Toronto. This is more common and much easier for the New York location to get the car back from Toronto, vs the Texas location trying to get their car back from Toronto (which is why they will not allow the one way). Good Luck and hope this may help!

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    The most economical thing would probably be to rent a car in Texas for dropoff in Buffalo, then take a bus to Toronto.

  6. Default Roap trip from Texas to Toronto via Buffalo or NY


    I am planning on a roap trip in July from Texas to Toronto either via NYor Buffalo and then flying back. I planned on renting a car one way but can't seem to find any rental company doing this one way? any ideas?

    Maybe I could try -one from Texas to Buffalo then grey hound? Please can anyone suggest car rentals one way?

    Thanks in advance...Alan
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    Default repeating again

    I think the answers to your question have already been provided. One Way rentals across an international border are very uncommon, and expensive in the very rare cases where they are allowed.

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    Michael-I am not creating multiple I am asking abt one way car rentals in US and at the same time seeing if anyone has new ideas..

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    Default what's different?

    Your first thread was titled "car rentals" and asked about information for car rentals for a trip from Texas to Toronto, and you were given several responses.

    You now created a new thread asking for information about car rentals for a trip from Texas to Toronto.

    Perhaps I'm just not seeing how that isn't creating a new thread to re-ask the same question. Regardless, the answers you've already been given pretty much lay out your option. There's just not a magic answer here.

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