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    Hi All,
    My wife & I are planning to travel to Vegas on July 25th ( from Ireland). I've listed a suggested itinerary for our 2 week vacation. I've read a lot of threads concerning suggested routes. Just looking for some advice on the below - are we being realistic with our times etc.

    July 25th - Arrive in Vegas that night.
    26th - Grand Canyon & Hoover Dam (don't know if jet lag will be a problem).
    27th - Tour Vegas.
    28th - Rent car & head through Death Valley. Stay in motel along the way - open to suggestions.
    29th - Arrive in Yosemite. Stay in or near Yosemite?
    30th - Tour Yosemite. Head for Lake Tahoe. Stay near Tahoe.
    31st - Head towards Calistoga. Drive around the Napa Valley. Stay in Napa Valley.
    Aug 1st - Head south towards Monterey. Stay along coast past Monterey.
    Aug 2nd - Drive along coast to Santa Barbara. Stay in Santa Barbara.
    Aug 3rd - Back up coast towards San Fran. Leisurely drive. Stay overnight on coast.
    Aug 4th - Head in towards San Fran.
    Aug 5th - San Fran
    Aug 6th - San Fran
    Aug 7th - San Fran
    Aug 8th - Depart San Fran for Ireland.

    We've been advised that LA is not a must to see - is it a mistake to avoid LA. Should we factor in a day for a tour of LA?

    Any tips / advice most welcome. Also, suggestions for accommodation along the way.


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    Default La ?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I presume the GC/ Hoover dam is a bus tour of some sort, as you are renting a car afterwards? You could spend your first day in Vegas which will help out with any jet lag issues and then pick up a car and go under your own steam to the GC. You really need a night there and it will be a 5-6 hour journey back before touring Vegas the day after.

    LA is a matter of opinion, and there is certainly plenty to do and see there but it's huge and I don't think it would be worth going through the traffic of the urban sprawl for a day, but I am not a fan of large city's TBH.
    If you did want to go there and it isn't to late then perhaps flying out of there would be a good idea to save you driving up and down the coast, you could visit SF first and just continue on from Santa Barbara. I would also suggest that you would be better off dropping a night in SF and have a little bit of quality time in Yosemite, it's an amazing place but with just one night between Death valley and getting to Tahoe won't leave you any time to really enjoy it.

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    Default a couple issues

    I'll say your first problem is a big one. Trying to do the Grand Canyon as a day trip from Las Vegas really not a good idea. Even with the best outcome, you have to have an extremely long day on the road, and end up with very little time to see the Canyon. Throw in some Jetlag from arriving the night before, and I think that would be a pretty horrible way to start a trip. I think you need to rework things so you spend that first day just exploring Vegas, where you won't be under any pressure to go anywhere, and you can let your body rest when it needs it, and then you need at least 2 days to head to the Canyon and back.

    The other spot that just doesn't make much sense to me is the Coast section. If I'm reading your plan correctly, you'll basically drive down the coast, and then turn around and backtrack back up it? You're also going to end up doing some zig-zagging back and forth across the Sierras, going from DV to Yosemite, back across to Tahoe, and then again heading back towards Napa.

    I think your trip is pretty packed full as it is, so I would not add LA on top of everything else.

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    Thanks for the quick response. It's clear now that we need to do an overnight stay at GC. Think we'll rent the car as opposed to the organised tour.
    Also, that point about doubling back up the coast is a good one. I think we might get down to Santa Barbara at our leisure and fly home from LA.
    Are we crazy trying to do Death Valley, Yosemite and Tahoe? I've just been told that Tahoe is really beautiful. Then again, should we just skip Tahoe and do an extra night in Yosemite.

    Great site by the way. Some really great advice.

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    Default If it were me

    Certainly, Tahoe is beautiful, but when you consider the amount of time you have for this trip, you're going to have to make choices. If it were me, I'd skip Tahoe and take the trip at a little more relaxed pace.

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    Default Yep !

    Finishing in LA makes more sense and I would [whatever you decide] take at least one more night in Yosemite.

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