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    I am relocating from Atlanta to Tucson, and I would like to make it a roadtrip instead of a long drive. I have never been on a roadtrip before, but i have read through most of the amazing advice in this forum and read other people's trips to AZ. My biggest worry is driving through Texas. I was gonna do the I-10 route because I wanted to stop through Houston, but I read one blogger's comments that it was not very interesting in Texas. I have only 2-3 days to make it to Tucson, and I have to visit family and friends in Houston. Any advice?

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    With only two days, you simply cannot drive from Atlanta to Tucson. Period. With only three days, you could just possibly make it as a Speed Run, but that would leave no time for detours, interesting stops, and certainly no time for a visit with family. So the first thing you'll really need to do is realize that with your stated time restrictions, this can only be a very 'long drive'.


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    The only way you are going to get from Atlanta to Tucson in 3 days is via I-20 with stops in Shreveport and Odessa. If you go to Houston, it will take a day and a half just to get there, then 2 days to get from Houston to Tucson.

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