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    Default Tornto to Sarasota Florida.....

    Can someone please provide me with some answers? I am travelling from Toronto to Sarasota with my family; kids aged 4 and 7. I am wondering which is the faster, safer and best route to take? Several people say to go through Buffalo, and through Pennsylvania, Virginia, north and south Carolina etc. Than, I have several people say through Detroit, Ohio, Kentucky. Can someone who has done this trip please HELP!!!!!

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    My mapping program shows this to be the fastest route:

    QEW to Buffalo

    I don't see where any route would be any less "safe" than any other. This is a 1400 mile drive and you should allow 3 days.

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    Default When That Happens

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    Almost always, when you get differing advice on which route is 'best', it means that there are different routes which are almost nearly as good. That's why 'best' is a word we are very loathe to use around here. In your case, there are actually three possible routes. The two you mention and a third which would go from Buffalo down I-390/US-15/I-83 to Baltimore MD and then take I-95 from there. All of those routes are within a hundred miles and a couple of hours driving time of each other. Over a three day drive such differences are hardly worth mentioning. Especially where children are involved, you should be looking at what's along the routes that you can show them, and maybe have them learn something. As glc points out, safety is not a problem with any route as long as you exercise the same common sense you would exercise on any trip. Finally, if this is a round-trip, by all means take one route down and another one back.


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    Default Toronto to Florida

    We are planning on driving down and I know I have choices of two routes; one, from Detroit through Ohio, Kentucky and Nashville and the other being through New York, Pennsylvania, Carolinas and Virginia. I was wondering, which of the two routes is a nicer drive eg. scenery, places to see and most of all overall better driving conditions? Thank you for any suggestions/advice.
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