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  1. Default Moving to the West Coast, NY-Seattle!

    Hi all,
    My boyfriend and I are moving to the West Coast this summer and have decided to drive ourselves out. This being our first big road trip off the East Coast, we need a primer on doing this cheaply, safely, and enjoyably! We will be moving out some furniture and most of our possessions in a large pickup, so we don't want to spend too much time on the road but are hoping to see some sights on the way (we'd like to camp as much as possible).

    -Should we try to make reservations to camp in/around state and national parks? I know most are first come first serve, is it better to be there earlier in the day to get a site?

    -Any sites off of the general Rte 80/90 trek we should see?

    -Any automobile advice? We're taking a relatively new pickup with 4WD.

    Thanks for any help you can give us!!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    When it comes to reservations, it many ways it depends your own desire to balance flexability with risk. If you don't make reservations, you may find your desired spot is full, but if you do make them, you're pretty much locked into to your itinerary, and can't easily change it should you find things take more or less time that you expected. Personally, I rarely make camping reservations, but I will make an exception if I know I'm going to a popular places, particularly on a weekend.

    As far as the pickup goes, make sure its up to date with all of the routine things and have a mechanic take a look at it to see if there are any problems that are developing that could become a problem on the road.

    Otherwise, I'd recommend looking around this site a bit more for some good basic information to get you started with your planning. Limiting your driving to around 500 miles a day is a good rule of thumb, and eating out of a cooler can really save money. But there are lots of other good ideas both on the forum and in the planning sections.

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    Default Check it out.

    Any sites off of the general Rte 80/90 trek we should see?
    Have a look at Buck's great thread on places to relax just of each Interstate for some suggestions.

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