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  1. Default Driving Phoenix to Las Vegas..

    Any suggestions on good places to stop? The Grand Canyon, of course, would be amazing, but according to Google Directions, it adds on five hours.. Any ideas?!

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    Default how much time do you have?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    How much time do you have available for this trip?

    The grand canyon doesn't add 5 hours in driving time - probably more like 3 - however, if you've just got one day, you really wouldn't have much time at all to see it, and you'd really be setting yourself up for a very long day on the road.

    The direct route for this trip goes right over the Hoover Dam, so that is something, and there are a lot of variations that you could make. You could head up towards the Sedona area and spend a little time there, or detouring the other way, head over to Lake Havasu on your way up. You could also spend a little time detouring onto Old Route 66.

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