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    My family and I are planning a road trip from Texas to Washington... we'll be going through Oklahoma, South Dakota (so up and left).. Are there any places worth visiting on the borders of the neighboring states and or within the ones we'll be passing? Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas.. We're willing to go anywhere... it'll be round trip, so also places in Idaho, Oregon, Utah while coming back down... We're just looking to avoid Nevada and CA (that's where I live =)..

    Do you guys know any places worth stopping by at? Our family is pretty much open to everything and anything... from hot springs to cheap bowling to restaurants to hiking to laser tag to drive ins you name it... The kids are between 14-22 and then of course, the parents (so if you know anything romantic) or simply family oriented, please let me know. Thank you!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    We understandably take a bit of pride in the sum total of the advice that everyone has given to travelers over the years, and all of it is preserved in the various posts and threads on these forums. So try just wandering through them by following the links to Similar Threads at the bottom of this (and every subsequent) page. But also be sure to check ot the lists of things to do in each state and along each major Interstate highway.


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