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  1. Default I Need Advice on a Solo Cross-Country Road Trip: North Carolina to California

    I am currently planning a solo cross-country trip from Charlotte, North Carolina to Los Angeles, CA in July. I work for a clothing company in LA and over the course of my trip I want to find some of the most famous, infamous and unusual sights/roadside attractions and document them in a daily Blog/Photo journal for the company's website.

    I don't have a set itinerary but I only have 8-10 days so I can't take too much time at anyone spot. I am open to any ideas for routes, I was thinking of going from Charlotte-Washington, DC-Chicago-Saint the unrealistic? I like to think I am an experienced traveler so I know Google Maps and Mapquest won't give me an honest estimated travel time, so an estimated travel time for any route would be much appreciated.

    With this route I can see the DC monuments, the rock 'n' roll hall of fame (Cleveland), Notre Dame (South Bend), Chicago's landmarks, Route 66, Gateway Arch, drive a stretch of the Loneliest Road, drive through the Rockies, Arches Nat'l Park, the Four Corners, the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and of course the glorious lights of Vegas.

    One last thing....any advice on a guidebooks and picking the best GPS device for the trip?

    Any help/ideas would be much appreciated.

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    Default Time Management Will Be Key

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The route that you outline is nearly 3300 miles. Now over ten days that's only 330 miles a day which would leave lots of time to sightsee, depending on why you've chosen the cities you've chosen and how much time you plan to spend in any and/or all of them. For example if you were to spend just a half day in each of the cities you've listed, you'd be down to about 7 days, requiring you to cover about 450 miles a day, which would not leave nearly as much time to search out quirky roadside attractions.

    We have compiled eclectic lists of things to see in each state, and another excelent resource are the welcome centers as you first enter each state. As for guidebooks, I occasionally use Fodor's and Lonely Planet, but really, there's nothing better than having the time to poke into small towns, talk to the locals, and find out 'what the local 'pride of place' is. And my one and only GPS is a Geographical Paper Simulation, better known as a map.


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    For time management purposes, take the drive times Google or Mapquest gives you and add 20%. Also, try not to drive more than 550 miles in one day.

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    Default not so lonely

    I do think you've made a mistake in thinking all of US-50 is considered the loneliest road. Generally that designation refers only to the section of US-50 that crosses Nevada. Since that is well away from the rest of the rest of our routing, you'll probably want to cross that one off your list.

    I really think you're going to have a hard time fitting everything in at a pace where you're going to be able to do much photography and exploring. As Buck mentioned, if you spend a half day at each of those places, you basically have to drive all day for the rest of your trip, but it is easy to spend a half day just getting to a destination inside a city, once you factor in things like traffic, parking, etc. What you're trying to do is certainly possible, but its going to be fairly hurried to fit all of that in.

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