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  1. Default Chicago via Pittsburgh, Sandusky from Va. with little kids!!!

    I will be departing Monday for a trip to Chicago with my twin 4.5 year old boys. We will be leaving from Arlington, Va. and heading thru Pittsburgh and onto Sandusky where we will stop for a few days. I am looking for some great places to stretch legs and wiggle out the willies for the two little guys in the back seat - perhaps something other than a McDonald's playland, but I'd take that if it will help us stay sane!

    Is there a good web site which lists ridiculous roadside attractions, like "The World's Largest Bowl of Calcified Mac and Cheese"?

    Any thoughts??

    Thanks a million

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    Default At That Age

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forums!

    The great thing about boys that age is that they're very easily amused. As you say, all they need is to occasionally "wiggle out the willies", and there's nothing better for that than parks near the Interstate. Just be aware that you might pay a small penalty (about a quarter) for exiting and returning to a Turnpike, but that's well worth your sanity and the boys' safety gained by playing in a park rather than a Turnpike truck stop.


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