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    Hi everyone,
    Does anyone know of a rental car company that specializes in cross country road trips? Any information would be appreciated. :-)

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    Just about all the major rental chains will rent cars for dropoff elsewhere, and will almost always have a "one way" surcharge. The best thing to do is start comparing on each one's website.

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    Default they all do

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Pretty much every major chain car rental company does one way, cross country rentals. They will all price it different depending upon the exact circumstances, so you just have to shop around to find who will work best under your specific situation.

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    going from tn to las vegas and back again, would it be cheaper to rent an rv for 2-3 people or drive and stay in hotels? also what rv or car rental service would be best?

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    Default No "one" best.

    It really is a case of researching and finding the best deal for your needs as offers and deals are constantly changing and most company's pretty much have the same or similar rentals on offer.
    Generally speaking 2 or 3 people sharing an RV will work out dearer than a Motel room and car rental and most certainly if you are prepared to stay in budget chain Motels but if for instance you want to stay inside a lot of National parks where lodgings are generally dearer it will be worth comparing. Although don't forget you will still have camping pitch fees and the RV will only return 10 mpg on average !

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