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    Default New York to L.A.

    Hey There

    Im flying into New York on October 20th and planning to buy a crappy old car, then drive the thing from all the way to L.A. Hopefully its not so crappy that it wont survive the journey, and me with it.

    I need advice on where to be a decent car in or around New york that wont destroy my wallet entirely - and yes, i understand that that is a big, heavily populated area and that it could be a little confusing with car-lots aplenty.

    Also, if theres anyone who feels like coming on the trip to minimise fuel costs etc. that would be ace.

    Hope to hear from you

    - A

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    Default Probably Not

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forums!

    Unfortunately buying a car in America as a foreign national is not going to be easy. And unless you're going to be on the road for several months, you would probably do better to just rent even from a strictly monetary viewpoint, let alone the time effort and aggravation to find a car, deal with the red tape, get insurance (remember, you will almost certainly have to buy a 6 month policy at a minimum), find a buyer or otherwise dispose of the car at the end of your trip, deal with all the inevitable breakdowns of a 'clunker' on your own, etc. If you still want to pursue this, read through this thread for some ideas on what's involved and what your options are. But as I said, your current plan will probably not work.


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    Default i heard crime was high, can i build on that?

    what if i just steal one? I heard there are some places in the Bronx where its kind of expected. Land of the FREE, right?

    just kidding, thanks for the tip

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    Unfortunately, this is a lot more difficult than it used to be since 9/11. Virtually all states require you to prove legal presence in the state, which generally means a long-term visa and a physical address that is not a hotel room. It is also difficult and expensive for a non-resident to buy insurance, which is required. Most states also have a mandatory safety and emissions inspection. Ownership papers (title) are not issued on the spot, they are mailed to your address within a few weeks. You cannot "dispose" of the car without a title, and trying to resell a car in California that comes from out of state is difficult because of their special emissions regulations.

    Bottom line, you will need to rent a car if you want to take a road trip here. It will probably be less expensive by the time you get done, you will have a new or virtually new reliable car, and it will be essentially hassle-free.

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    Default damn you Al Qaeda

    Wow, i never thought it would be that difficult. I had grand yet simplistic visions of picking up a car for cash hassle-free in NY and then giving it to a homeless guy in LA when i got there as a xmas present.

    Now that i think about it, i did also live in Dubai for 6 months last year, that probably earns me atleast 20 terrorism points with the NSA......

    thanks for the advice man, ill look up AVIS or someone like that

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