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    Default english man going from LA to NY needs help

    Hello everyone =D

    well im planning a road trip from LA to NY with my friend in the fall 2010 but that's about as far as my plan goes really there are some city's i would like to see like San Francisco,Colorado,Chicago, Pittsburgh and Washington, and i would like to see them in that order and oyeah i'm going to try and stay off main roads when i can (think you call them free ways :)

    so i could do with some ideas on places and things i can see on way my to theses city's even if they are a bit out of my way

    As for sleeping i have friends in all the city's i listed so im ok there but when im on the move i think im just going to try and find cheap motel's or sleep in my car to cut down on cost's

    i have set myself around 4weeks to do this and have not worked out my budget yet as i need to find out how i go about renting a car and how much it will cost so if anyone knows any good places for renting a car it would be a lot of help :)

    well that's about it any tips and ideas would be grate thanks for reading this :)

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    Default Some Roads to Get to Know

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    If it's your intention to stay off the Interstates to large extent, then you need to familiarize yourself with a few of the great old transcontinental US highways that pretty much follow your general route. In the west US-50 will take you by Lake Tahoe and across Nevada where it is known as the Loneliest Road in America. Then through Colorado it follows the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.

    Once out on the plains east of Denver, you'll want to head northeast to pick up US-30 which roughly is the old Lincoln Highway. Actually so was much of US-50. Through Nebraska this also follows the old Oregon Trail. Then between Pittsburgh and Washington, try following the National Road.


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    Default Brand new book that will be helpul to you

    I just reviewed Brian Butko's latest book on the Lincoln Highway -- this version really works well for locating and finding the old sections of the highway. Here's my review.


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