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    Home is where the Marine Corps sends us but DETROIT? We are moving next week. Leaving San Diego (Oceanside), heading to Aspen to visit my 21 year old son and then heading to Detroit with the cat, hubby, myself, a 12 year old and a 17 year old. I need help making it fun and educational. Looking for any/all suggestions along the way. We have to be there by the 3rd. Leaving here the 27th. Leaving Aspen the morning of the 30th. So not a lot of time but looking for suggestions where we can/should stop to enjoy scenery etc. enroute to make memories!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forums!

    It shouldn't be that hard to make this trip both educational and very enjoyable. You seem to have plenty of time to make the trip at a relaxed pace, say around 500 miles a day, that still allows for seeing a few places along the way. Major venues along your route would include Mojave National Preserve, Zion National Park, and Arches National Park on the way to Aspen. Since you can drive the 935 miles in a couple of days, that leaves you maybe a day or so worth of time to spend among those parks. On the second leg to Detroit, highlights could include a short detour up to Rocky Mountain National Park and then as you take I-80 across the plains through Nebraska you'll be following the route of the old Oregon Trail with lots of opportunities for short history lessons, and as you enter the Great Lakes area you can make a stop at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Besides these major attractions, there will be plenty of opportunities for short breaks. Another resource is, of course, the Welcome Centers as you enter each state. They will be able to direct you to some smaller museums, historical societies, and scenic attractions that will fit your plans.


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    There are 2 basic routings to look at between Aspen and Detroit - I-80 or I-70. I-70 will take you through Kansas City, St. Louis, and Indianapolis. I-80 will take you through Chicago. Look at the various attractions along both routes before making a decision.

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    Thanks so much! We got some great ideas from your suggestions!


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