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    Planning a road trip from Minneapolis to Mobile through Colorado. I'm a 34 year-old guy, traveling with my old college roomate. We have a lot of the trip settled, but there is one stumper: The trek from Colorado Springs to Dallas, probably on July 3.

    Don't really want to do the stretch in one day, we kindof resolved not to drive more than 8 hours per day if we could help it. Amarillo seems to be the natural in-between point, but is there anything to do in Amarillo? Is there any place in that stretch that I am not thinking of that might have something to see or do?

    We will have spent the last few nights camping in the mountains, so a cheap hotel would probably be desired by this day. We are not picky about activities. Emphasis on eating at unique restaurants with food you can't get just anywhere, so just giving me a good restaurant in a crappy town would probably be good enough for me...

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    Default big steak

    Restaurant wise, The Big Texan, with the 72oz steak challenge is probably the most famous place in Amarillo.

    Otherwise, the city's location along I-40 and old Route 66 means there are lots more motel options, and they are fairly reasonably priced. I'm not sure what else you'd be looking for, but it has pretty much everything you'd expect from a small to mid-sized city

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    Default And a Couple of Stops

    Some stops I've enjoyed on those roads include Capulin Volcano National Monument where you can drive to the top of the cone and hike around the caldera, and Copper Breaks State Park which has beauty, history and geology.


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    Good stuff so far, thanks!

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    The Big Texan also has a hotel - not terribly cheap, but very convenient. I paid $57 with tax for a room, AARP rate.

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