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    What states have Cookout, a super-cheap fast food restaurant?

    My kids and I LOVE Cookout, and you certainly can't beat the prices. My personal favorite is the .99 BLT sandwich (no nasty mayo) paired with a glass of .99 iced tea. My kids alternate between the .99 chicken nuggets, the .99 corn dog, and the .99 hot dog. They like to try whatever milkshake's on sale at .99 -- well, except the week it was a watermelon milkshake -- but if I'm going to splurge on the calories, it's going to be the Bananna Pudding milkshake at the full price of $2.49. My kid's eat there everyday for lunch. . . but thinking of their arteries, I don't let them.

    Anyway, do y'all have Cookout out west?

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    I'd never heard of it before, and there's a good reason why: They are only located in North Carolina.

    Does sound like a place to check out when I get around to visiting though!

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    Only in North Carolina, you say? I had no idea! You should try to stop at Cookout on the way through our state. I don't care for their burgers, but everything else is very good -- not healthy, mind you, but good! The best deal is to get a platter, which is $4.29. It's a good deal because you get TWO sides, and they consider a corndog or a five-piece nugget a "side".

    Funny story: My girls and I were already firmly addicted to Cookout, but my husband'd never been. We'd been out to a state park one day, and on the way home we wanted to zip through a drive-through to get something to eat. We already had bottled waters, so we didn't buy drinks. We each ordered a sandwich and we ordered two fries to share among the four of us (we always do that because who needs a whole order of fries?). The sqawky box said, "That's $6.xx", and my husband -- who doesn't hear all that well -- kept saying, "I know they said $16.xx. You don't get that much food for $6!" Yep, it was $6. Now he hits the Cookout near his office on a regular basis. Like me, he favors the .99 BLT, though he needs two of them for his lunch!

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