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    My boyfriend and I will be taking a road trip from Vegas to St. Louis in mid-late September. This will be our first road trip and I am hoping some more experienced road trippers could offer some advice and interesting places to see along the way. We will be starting in Vegas, heading up through the Grand Canyon to Utah, through Colorado, Nebraska (stopping in Omaha to see family) and finally arriving in Missouri. We plan to take 5 days to do the drive. We would love any tips or recommendations on things to see.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    There are about a Dozen National Parks that could be right along your route, so you really shouldn't have any problem finding things to do. The bigger problem will be deciding what you have time for.

    The drive itself from Vegas to St. Louis is a good 3 day trip, but when you add in detours to the south to the Grand Canyon, and north to Omaha, you're looking at needing a 4th day to cover the miles. That only leaves you one extra day to work with, and if you are already planning to spend a little time at the Grand Canyon and with your family, even that extra time is pretty well spoken for.

    If you do live in Las Vegas, I might hold off on the Grand Canyon for another trip, since you can pretty easily go their over a weekend. Instead, I'd probably focus on places like Arches or Rocky Mountain NP or elsewhere in Colorado that would be harder to visit on a short trip in the future.

    Also, how are you planning to get back home from St. Louis?

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    We live in the SF area and will be flying into Vegas. We are going to be flying back to SF from St. Louis. The trip through Nebraska is not set in stone, our other alternative is just to continue through Kansas.

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