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    Default Florida to North Carolina to Colorado with kids

    Planning a summer road trip with my kids. We'll go from here to Murphy NC in one day - it's 12 hours and we've done this trip way too many times so there's nothing we need to stop for on the way. But from Murphy to Colorado (Denver) I'm looking for kid friendly activities that can break up the drive. We're going the classic route - through Nashville, St. Louis, Kansas City... and I don't want all day zoo type activities. Maybe museums that will take an hour or two - I've already planned the Wizard of Oz Museum in Kansas and the Superman museum in Metropolis. Any other awesome places we shouldn't miss?

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    Nashville has the Country Music Hall of Fame and the studio tours. St. Louis has the Gateway Arch and museum. How old are the kids?

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    Default If It's Museums You Want

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    The Museum of Westward Expansion that glc mentioned is very accessible to kids of all ages. Another one that I really enjoyed and the kids may like is Harry Truman's House in Independence outside Kansas City. The crossing the Kansas Plains, a couple of possible stops are Old Fort Hays and Fick Fossil Museum in Oakley.

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    Thanks for your responses. The kids are 11 & 12, and not nearly as into 'educational' things as they are pop culture type things. As much as I'd like to get some history into them, I'm afraid they're products of the flashy video generation.

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    Default kids are what they are exposed to

    Every kid is going to be part of the flashy video generation, if you don't expose them to anything else. Most "educational" stops have plenty of things that kids can and do enjoy. There's nothing wrong with making the pop culture stops, but if those are the only stops you ever make, you are right, your kids will learn to accept things being "flashy" and one dimensional, and its also really going to limit your ability to enjoy a roadtrip.

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