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    I got some great responses to my query about the drive from Atlanta to DC so now I am asking for a trip from ATL to Chicago in mid-August.

    We have a family function there and would love to be able to make it a roadtrip but time is limited. The event is Saturday morning but there will be other related get-togethers throughout the weekend. Our kids will already be back in school so we'd like to leave Atlanta on Thursday (or maybe Wednesday afternoon) and return by Monday night. This seems crazy and probably not worth it as we won't really be able to do much exploring. What do others think?


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    You're looking at about a day and a half trip each way for the drive. You could do it in a single day, but I think everyone would be pretty tired and cranky at the end of it.

    What I would do is take all day Thursday and Friday to make the drive up. That will be a nice relaxed pace where you could stop and explore Nashville, Mammoth Cave, and/or Louisville (Slugger Museum, among others).

    You'd have Saturday and Sunday morning to spend in Chicago, but then by Sunday afternoon, you'd want to at least make a few miles to at least Indianapolis, but possibly Louisville or Cincinatti depending upon your route choice. That would set you up for a long but doable sprint home on Monday.

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