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    Default Confused by Car rental

    Hi there,

    I'm sorry if this has been posted before but i'm trying to find a reliable car rental company for our roadtrip in september. After hours trawling through the internet i feel i am no further forward. I've looked for reviews on car rental companies but there doesn't seem to be any companies with good reviews. Can anyone on here recommend what company/site to use? We are traveling on a budget so the cheaper the better but we don't want to scrimp too much on the car because we'll be using it so often.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Default not much difference

    There isn't a single best company for car rentals, and really, I haven't found all that much difference between them. There also isn't one company that is always going to be cheaper, as prices can change dramatically based on a whole bunch of different criteria. Shop around the major chains, see where you find the best price for what you're looking for, and go with it. That's really the best advice we can give you.

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    Default Reviews.

    As Michael pointed out there isn't a lot of difference, just find the best deal for your needs. Regarding reviews you will probably find that most people who pick up there car, drive wherever they want with no problems and drop it off as arranged will have little thought and nothing to say about it as that's what they expected. Now the people who have been kept waiting, broken down or whatever will be in the minority of renters but in the majority when it comes to who's more likely to write a review about there "ordeal", so perhaps use the reviews as a guide but don't take it that all rental companies are hopeless.

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    Thanks for the advice guys.

    I just have one more questions regarding car rental. If the CDW is included in the rental does that mean there is zero excess? I thought this was the case but most sites offer an extra insurance/option where you can pay a bit extra and remove the excess.

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    You should try Holiday Autos (, voted number one by Which? magazine for car rental. We just used this site to book our car hire for the summer. The one way drop off fee is $250 rather than $500 charged by most companies. They also didn't charge us the extra driver charge of $10 per day, which is good since our hire is for 34 days.

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    Thanks for the advice. The Holidayautos site link was very helpful.


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