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    Hello all,

    I just found this forum and am looking for help with a road trip.

    I'd like to drive from Kennewick, WA to Port Jervis, NJ, stay there visiting relatives in NY and PA for 10 days to 2 weeks maybe including some kind of trip to the coast if there's time, and then drive back. I would be leaving around July 12 and have to be back by August 18. So just over a month's time.

    I will have 3 kids in the car (two teens and a 4 yr old) and I don't want it to be miserable... I want it to be fun. I am open to camping (tent) and sightseeing. Is this possible or am I trying to fit too much into too little time?

    My other option is to fly out and back and just drive around NJ, NY and PA and to the coast. But I love roadtrips... what do you guys think?

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    Default Go for it !

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    With up to 3 weeks for the roadtrip part you certainly have time to camp and enjoy some of the sights along the way at a relaxed pace. We would recommend it to be a 5-6 day journey minimum which would put you on the road for 9-10 hours a day with only short stops for gas, food and bathroom breaks. With 10 or so days to spare each way you could have a great time.
    If you love road trips I would say "Go for it" but recommend that you get the kids involved and interested in the planning and have an input from the start so it doesn't become miserable when you are on the road.

    Get the map out, look around the forums and roadtrip planning pages for ideas and as you build your trip just ask and we can help you piece it together.

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