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  1. Default What to see on the West coast USA..?

    Hi All,
    We are hoping to go on the honeymoon of a lifetime next year by road, plane, train or boat. We have both been to California before (San Fran, Monterey area), but want to see some more of North America. I quite fancied a trip down the west coast, but when looking at it, I'm not sure where/what I'd like to see.

    I am also unsure how much time I would need. We did a tour of part of Australia in 14 days and it was non-stop and tiring but great fun.

    A brief itinery:
    Olympic National Park/Forks
    Anything good to see in Oregon?
    San Fransisco
    Los Angeles
    San Diego
    Las Vegas
    Flight to Hawaii for a cruise there.

    Something tells me I'm going a bit to big to start with!

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    One issue you need to be aware of - you cannot rent a car in Canada and return it in the US, and vice versa. The best way to get around this if you want to tour both western Canada and the western US is take the bus between Vancouver and Seattle and make 2 separate rentals.

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    Default Research.

    Congratulations on your up coming wedding and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I think you need to take a look at a detailed map and look for things of interest to you and start putting some dots on it and see how they best join up, then get an idea of the time you can take to cover them. You will find lots of info by searching the forums and road trip planning pages but untill we know a little more about your interests, the time you might have and how slowly [or quickly] you want to take things, as well as how you are going to get around we would just be taking shots in the dark and could fill pages with info that is of little use.

    Once you have established an outline plan please pop back and we can help you piece your trip together, but a road trip is a personal thing and the freedom to choose where you want to go instead of someone telling you is what it's about.

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    Default Oregon...

    I'm doing a bit of planning for our next roadtrip and on my scribbled list of possible must see's in Oregon are -

    Silver Falls state park - trial of ten falls hike
    Columbia river gorge
    Crater Lake
    Multnomah falls
    Portland's brewpubs
    Hells canyon byway
    John Day fossil bed park
    On the coast I have - Astoria, Three capes scenic loop, Cape Perpetua, Oregon Dunes NP & Bandon to explore surrounding state park

    There not in order but may help you a bit, I'll probably have to cross a few off my list due to time constraints. Happy researching.

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    If it's a honeymoon and if you've got the cash, look up Treebones and Deetjens, two very nice hideaways in the Big Sur area.

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    Default Another Honeymoon Destination

    For a really remarkable place -- consider the Stanford Inn in Mendocino, California. It's been my retreat of choice for many years.


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