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    Default July Road Trip - San Fran to Monument Valley to Vegas

    Hi all

    I have been reading this forum for a while now and thought it was about time I posted my planned road trip on it! Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated but what I mainly want to know is if this trip is too ambitious. I want to be able to spend some time in each of the locations and enjoy the scenery. it goes. Oh, we are planning to do this between 23rd and 29th July this year:

    23rd - Leave San Francisco and head to Yosemite. Camp in Yosemite
    24th - Yosemite to Death Valley - camp Death Valley (is this an option in the summer - would it be crazy to do it???)
    25th - Death Valley to Zion - camp at Zion
    26th - Explore Zion and Bryce Canyon - camp at Bryce
    27th - Bryce Canyon to Monument Valley - camp Monument Valley (surrounding area)
    28th - Monument Valley to Grand Canyon - camp Grand Canyon
    29th - Grand Canyon to Vegas - drop off car.

    I really want to see Monument Valley but I am worried that I won't fully have the time to appreciate it and it may be better done in another road trip next year.

    Thanks again!

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    Default It's possible, but......

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You can certainly get to each place you have listed but by the time you have travelled to them you will have only a few hours to look around, and you could spend day's at each place. Death valley will be hot but I am not sure about the tent camping aspect so I will leave that for someone else, but due to your time constraints I would consider camping between Bishop and Lone pine and then take the long drive through DV directly to Zion. This would give you more time in Yosemite as well which is a truly amazing place. If you are returning next year I personally would also leave out MV as trying to see Zion,Bryce and MV in 2 days is not really allowing the time to enjoy them. An option then would be to stay 2 nights at Zion [1 full day] to enjoy the ride and hikes through the canyon and head to Bryce the following day and then to the Grand canyon for the night, giving you a day and a half to enjoy it before leaving from Vegas.

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    Default Thanks

    Hi Southwest Dave

    Thanks very much for your response and advice. I definitely want to enjoy the sites on my trip so I think I will have to give Monument Valley a miss this year. There is always next year!

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    Default Camping in NP's

    Your welcome.

    One word of advice, the National parks get booked up well in advance and it could already be too late to reserve a site and to try and secure a "walk in" site you will have to arrive as early as possible to have a "fighting" chance. You will find all the park and camping info using the interactive map on the NPS site.

    If there is anything else we can help you with just ask !

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    I just camped at Bryce and Zion.

    If you aren't at Zion by 9am or earlier, you're out of luck for a campsite at South Campground (Watchman is booked by reservation for months)

    Bryce was a lot less crowded, even so much as a couple of open campsites at North campground on a Sat. Nite(last week). The weather might have had something to do with that, as it was pretty blah there Saturday. With decent weather, I wouldn't want to risk it much past 2-3pm.

    Furnace Creek in Death Valley was 114 when I passed through yesterday. Camp at your discretion at those temps.

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    Default That's really mild!

    Quote Originally Posted by Twilight View Post
    Furnace Creek in Death Valley was 114 when I passed through yesterday. Camp at your discretion at those temps.
    Thanks for the camping reports about Bryce and Zion....114 is a relatively warmish day in Death Valley in the summer -- It hasn't really turned hot here yet... But I agree, camping anywhere in temps above 90 degree F, can be a little difficult.


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