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    Default Las Vegas daytrips??

    Will be in Vegas July 14-17, flying back to Orlando the 18th, but we are looking for fun daytrips to do instead of throwing money into the casinos all day long. We've done Hoover Dam, Laughlin, and Red Rock Canyon and all are beautiful! We've considered the south rim of the Canyon, but at or over 4hrs one way, we'd be doing alot of driving and would rather do a closer trip-max a 2-3hr one-way ride. Death Valley will be too hot, so what are some other options for this time frame that are interesting to do and see??

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    Default At Least Half a Dozen

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There's a whole page devoted to just such adventures. Enjoy!


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    Default reading the articles

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You are right that Grand Canyon is a bit too far to really do as a daytrip from Vegas. But, Vegas is the perfect launching pad for a number of great destination. This article covers exactly what you're talking about.

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    Default You might be surprised!

    Quote Originally Posted by globetrotter View Post
    Death Valley will be too hot, so what are some other options for this time frame that are interesting to do and see??
    We are having an unseasonably cool summer thus far. It's only been above 100 a couple of days and it might be reasonably comfortable in Death Valley when you are here. Besides, with air-conditioning, just about all Death Valley's paved roads are fine in the summer months.

    Eldorado Canyon makes for a nice day trip -- Be sure to ask to see the special surprise in Bobbie's refrigerator!

    Tecopa and China Ranch make a nice day trip --

    The "birthplace of the world" is pretty darn amazing -- and if you go early in the day or toward evening the temps are not too intimidating.

    The visitor's center at Kelso in the Mojave Preserve is really well done.

    Mt. Charleston makes a nice day trip from the strip (about 45 minutes you can be in a alpine mountaintop village).

    And then those ideas the Michael and AZBuck mentioned should give you a few more places to consider.


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    Default thanks...

    wow....alot of great ideas! Being an east-coaster with limited experience across the umbilicus of the nation, I never realized how much beauty lie out west! I think we'll pick two of the destinations suggested and have a great time! I'm incredibly intrigued by the "special exhibit" in Bobbie's freezer, so I think that will be high on the list.

    Thanks again!

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    Ahh yes here is my protoge, planning her next trip out west. I do recall that we hit Zion National Park once, and that was a beautiful drive. Bill thought he was Dale Earnhardt and I had to make him slow down so I could enjoy the scenery.

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