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  1. Default My spring trip (report)


    I went on this trip to the Big South Fork area in TN/KY for 1 week. It rained the whole week and I was wet and miserable. However, I managed to take a few pics and it made the whole trip worth it.

    When I go to all these places, I typically buy the local honey. In all my travels I managed to find honey without any problems. It was the first time that I was not able to find honey (big south fork). When I spoke to the local people, they were all talking about the benefits of honey (even the hill billies). I never seen honey so ingrained in the local culture. They eat honey with each meal. So the moment honey is harvested, people just buy it up. So they were all out of stock. Very weird!

    Here are links to my pics:
    Big South Fork:

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    Default Nice photos, dinesh

    You do some mighty fine work there, sir.

    Boy, you can really see the coal mine drainage effects in the bright orange/yellow coloration of the stream bed cobbles.

    Thanks for the report.


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    Default Really excellent

    Very nice images -- I really liked the one of trace of the car traveling down the highway in the forest!


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    Default Great pics !

    Well all that rain kept the water flowing, and you done a great job of capturing it !

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    Thanks guys!

    That whole area is so beautiful, except for the people.

    I am hoping to make it to Acadia in summer, let's see.

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    Default Don't forget Deer Isle and Stonington


    If you're planning a trip to Acadia (Bah- Habaah, ME) be sure to head a bit south towards Blue Hill, Eggemoggin Reach, and Deer Isle, with it's town/harbor of Stonington. Nice place, a bit out of the way, and the multi-day schooner cruises from Boothbay and Camden often overnight right by the bridge over the Reach on their first night out.

    EDIT: I just recalled the Deer Isle Bridge is a suspension bridge so I googled it. Wikipedia has a nice piece on it and I was pleased to find it's a vintage 1939 structure which is a sister bridge to the infamous and short-lived Tacoma Narrows bridge in Washington state. The Deer Isle bridge was substantially modified to deal with the high wind issues which destroyed Tacoma Narrows, and it has survived 70 years as a result.


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    Long exposures work wonders. Great pics!

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