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    We live in Fort Worth. We drove straight through to Colorado Springs on the way here. We spent a couple days there and then drove on to Estes Park. We've been here all week and it is amazing.

    We want to find somewhere to break up the 14 hour drive back. Any ideas? Amarillo is halfway. . . but I don't really know of much that there is for there to do there. Wherever we go it will just be for one day. We have a 9 and a 6 year old.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Default Take Your Breaks on the Way

    I would try to entertain your children during the drive rather than just drive through and then try to find amusements when everyone is tired from the day. If you're starting in Estes Park and didn't see it while you were in Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods would be one place to take an extended break on the first day, and a drive to the top of an extinct volcano might also prove entertaining. On day two, a couple of your own state parks, Copper Breaks and Lake Arrowhead would make great 'time out's.


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