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    My girlfriend, 50 lbs dog, and I are planning to move to Hawaii and will be driving our car from Rochester NY to Los Angeles for shipping.

    We are giving ourselves about 8 or 9 days to do the trip and have already done some research on hotels that accept dogs, expenses, etc.

    This will be the first time either of us has done the cross country drive though we both have experience with long distance driving (6 hrs +).

    We are wondering if anyone has advice on the best route possible and how long that might take. Is 8 or 9 days sufficient to take in a few sights as well (nothing major, just cheap day trips that can include our dog)?



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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    8-9 days is a very comfortable pace that will allow you to keep relatively short (like 6 hour) days on the road, or allow you to simply take a few days off if you are on the road for longer hours.

    As far as a route goes, there is no such thing as a one sized fits all best route, and with the timeline you've got to work with, you don't have to take the most direct possible route. I'd take a little time and thing about a few things you've always wanted to see or do, and then pick a route that fits in those places.

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    Thanks for the prompt response Michael.

    I should also mention that our dog is an American Pit Bull Terrier and we have encountered some obstacles with breed restrictions.

    Those travelling cross country with a pitbull should be advised that Breed Specific Legislation varies greatly between states and cities. For example, I believe that Denver and Kansas City will confiscate any pitbull or "pitbull type" dog and euthanize your pet. Other areas, such as the entire state of Ohio, require muzzles for "pitbull type" dogs. Regardless of your point of view on BSL, it is important to consider the regulations.

    Has anyone ever travelled with an APBT before? What have been your experiences? Were there any hotels/motels that seemed more accepting of larger dog breeds?

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    I would strongly recommend the Aloft hotels if you are making a stop near a major city. They are a relatively new chain and are mainly around major cities/airports. I nearly had to stay there one night when our heat wasn't working and when I called to ask if they took pets they said any type and size and no limit on the #. I told them I had 3 cats and a big dog (he's an 80 pound Shepherd/Chow/Bull Terrier mix) and they told me it wouldn't be a problem. I would strongly recommend that you plan you trip out since you are traveling with a dog and have your hotel reservations made at least 2 days ahead of when you're planning on arriving in a certain area. I traveled from DC to Oregon and back with 2 dogs to attend a funeral and you don't want to get to an area and find out that the only hotel doesn't take dogs or the one that does is full. A lot of places that do take dogs have a few rooms set aside specifically for visitors with pets and if they are full you'll be out of luck. One place we ate at a lot was Cracker Barrel - we told them we were traveling with our dogs and they would put together a hamburger patty and some veggies for the price of a kids meal and that's what our dogs ate for most of their meals. As for places to stop I would recommend whatever national parks are on the way but check their site first - not all of them allow dogs (Mt. Rushmore is one of them - the dog can be in the car but can't go up to it with you and you obviously can't leave him in the car during the summer). Take your time and take plenty of breaks for the dog
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