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    I'm planning to drive out to Chicago at the beginning of September with my boyfriend and I was hoping for suggestions on the best route to take. Ideally, I'd like to do it in 4 days and stop a few interesting places since I haven't really seen anything on the way. Any help would be very appreciated.


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    LA to CHI is a 4 day drive if you drive 10 hours a day with no stops other than food, fuel, and bathroom/leg stretch. You won't have much time to stop at many "interesting" places. What are your interests?

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    We can take up to 6 days and neither of us has seen very much between California and pretty much everything interests us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by talia View Post
    We can take up to 6 days and neither of us has seen very much between California and pretty much everything interests us.
    In that case you can stop every mile, as there is something of interest to someone everywhere.

    Best spend some time wondering around this site, and get some good maps. Then start making lists.


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    Default so much to see..............

    and so little time. With a journey that takes you across a large part of the country and with so little time it would be pointless throwing hundreds of suggestions out there, especially as we know nothing of your interests.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    With limited time the two major routes would be I 15/70 to Denver to I 76/80 through Omaha [which looks to be the quickest route] where Zion NP, the scenic I 70 and Arches NP could be of interest to you, or you could opt for I 40/44 passing the Grand canyon and the St Louis Arch could appeal, but only you can decide what is best and most interesting for you and there will be many more options along either route.
    Here is a list of places just off Interstate to R@R and you will find more info throughout the forums to help you decide. Once you have done the ground work we can certainly help you "fine tune" your route but it's for you to decide which will be more interesting for you.

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    I would drive I-70 through Colorado, Vail and Denver, I-76 to I80 through Nebraska to Omaha. The Zoo in Omaha is very, very good. Right off I-80. The Archway Monument (over I-80) in Kearney, NE is really great. The Herbert Hoover presidential museum is in eastern Iowa and worth stopping for,run by the US park service.

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