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    First of all, hello everyone! I am new to this site and hope to glean some info for a roadtrip I'm planning from New York to Los Angeles.

    The plan is this: Myself and a friend hope to arrive in NY (from the UK) in september and fly home to the UK again in 3 weeks time from LA. We have found a car rental company that will allow us to collect a car in NY and drop it off in LA, although this was initially an issue as not may would allow this.

    We do not have a concrete route as yet, but hope to include NY (obviously!), Detroit possibly, Chicago, Salt Lake City/Bonneville Salt Flats, Colorado Springs, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Death Valley NP, Yosemite NP, San Francisco and then follow the coast road to LA.

    My main concern is time. I know it's a lot to fit into a schedule, and would appreciate any advice from anyone who has traveled a similar route. I'm happy to do a few long days of traveling here and there, up to 700m a day perhaps, but I'm also hoping to have a couple of days to take in the sights at a couple of points, especially Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and Yosemite, and I'd also like to take my time along the coast road, it's one of the main reasons behind the trip.

    Do you think the time scale is OK, or do we need more time, or maybe we could even fit more into the trip? As I said, I would very much appreciate any advice/tips/criticism. Thanks

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The basic outline of your trip is just fine, and 3 weeks should be enough time to comfortably make the journey. Figure it takes about a week to make the drive from NY to LA just driving directly, so you've got about 2 weeks worth of time for pure exploration. You'll probably have some days where you just want to cover some distance, although we recommend you keep those down to 500-600 miles max when you're talking about a longer trip like this. I'd recommend taking a look around this site some more. There are lots of other threads that discuss a cross country trip like this, which could provide more useful information for you.

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    Cheers Michael, good to know we haven't been over ambitious! Will have a flick through some of the topics on here as you suggested, I'm sure it is quite a popular route in general.


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