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    We live in the northeast part of Wisconsin, a wonderful place to call home temporarily, or permanent

    Default On Top of Old Smokey.......(white knuckles)

    My wife, Cheryl, and I just took our first trip in our new 32' trailer, we relied on MapQuest to get us to our destination a joke, after my heart started pumping again....I laughed (didn't want to cry in front of Cheryl).

    MapQuest got us close to our destination, Oconee State Park, SC, but it seems that the last few miles are a guessing game with thier directions, all four of our destinations, we needed to ask for directions for maybe the last five (5) miles.

    A quick clue to anyone wanting to see the top of Old Smokie. leave your trailer at the bottom of the road some kidding, I wish I had someone tell me that before we went up the BIG hill. 26 miles of switchbacks, hairpins, and an other road condition a 5th grader could have scribbled with a crayon. a truly white knuckled drive with a 32' trailer behind you.

    Anyway, if you're headed for Myrtle Beach State Park you'll love it, you'll get used to the planes going overhead from the small airport.

    Walking the beach is a really nice thing, and the State parks in SC are always so clean, and well maintained. We saw sharks of the end of the piers, wild porposes, and jelly fish.

    One place that is a must visit is Ripley's Aquarium, tickets are $20+ per adult,but it's worth much more the that, and I can't put in words what you'll's truly a head full of pictures, that you'll never forget.

    Hopefully you'll have as great a time a we did.

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    Default Howdy.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I am not familiar with that part of the world but it sounds as though you had quite a hairy ride ! Shame you didn't find RTA before you set off, Lol !

    Thanks for the tips as well and enjoy the forums.

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    Default Just where was it you had trouble?

    Hello Big Terry,

    I'm fairly familiar with Oconee SP, having tent-camped there a couple of times while on whitewater rafting trips on the Chattooga, Nantahala, and Ocoee. I am not, however, familiar with a peak one can drive to going by the name of Old Smokey.

    Are you perhaps referring to the drive up Mt. Mitchell, NC? I surely wouldn't want to tow my trailer up there.

    Just curious. Glad you survived the mountains.


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