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  1. Default San Francisco to Miami next month!

    Hi all,
    My friend and I are hoping to go to the US next month (yeah I know I'm leaving it a bit late and don't know if we have enough time to plan it out :D ). I'm after a few tips about where to visit, whether we have enough time etc.

    Basically, we want to fly out to NYC and spend two nights there.
    Get a flight to San Francisco and rent a car.
    From there, we would like to travel through to Miami, visiting as many places as possible, but I can't figure out what places we will pass on our route. The places we would love to visit are:

    Los Angeles
    Las Vegas (a two nighter, definitely)
    Grand Canyon
    Alberquerque (sp?)
    Etc etc (suggestions welcome)

    We have approximately 10-14 days to play with. Do you think it's possible?

    Thankyou for your help :)


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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Is your 10-14 days the start of your road trip from SF or total days including New York and flying to SF?

    Starting out in SF and following your route to Dallas and then through New Orleans to Miami would be around 6 days of driving for 10 hours a day with time for only short breaks for food, gas and Bathroom breaks. If you were to take a couple of days to enjoy the coast from SF to LA and spend 2 in Vegas you can see that any other major sight seeing time from 10 days has gone. A day in SF, LA, GC and Miami and the other 4 are gone from a 14 day trip so although the road trip part is doable, even with 14 days time is always going to be an issue. It comes down to the pace you want to set and how long you would like to spend at the places you have listed to visit, if you are happy to keep on the go, and you have 14 days for the road trip it would be a reasonable pace with time for some enjoyable sightseeing.

    Have a search of the forums and study the maps to get some more idea of things you want to see and for how long and start trying to joint the dots and as questions arise just ask.

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