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    Planning a mostly boring drive to Houston to visit a ailing family member for a few days. Looks like a 16 to 17 hr trip. Need the name of a great diner or dive along the route to make it interesting. Great bakery or ice cream palace would be nice too. Planning I-75 to I-59 to I-12 to I-10. Hope to make it to Baton Rouge and then overnight there. We won't be in a big hurry.

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    Now, why would you want to plan on having a boring drive? I assure you, if you plan to have a boring trip, that's exactly what you'll have, but its also something that is completely under your control.

    Food/Restaurant questions fall under the most often asked-least often answered questions on this forum. There are just way too many restaurants across this country, and quite frankly, the turnover rate for places to shutdown or change owners, is so high, that its just not possible to give very good or complete information on a forum such as this.

    Having said that, I will throw you a bone - a chicken bone at that - and say if you make it to NOLA for dinner, you might check out Willie Mae's Scotch House. I haven't eaten there myself, but I've heard alot about its story of rebuilding since Katrina.

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    Thanks for the reply, and the link. We were going because my wife's sister is ill. I said boring because we have driven as for as New Orleans several times and unless you have the time for diversions the lay of the land is scenically challenged. It's a moot point now as my wife decided she would go alone and fly. Two hours from knoxville to Houston by air.


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