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    Planning a two week trip from LA to NY (moving for work, but will be in a honda accord, maybe with one other person). Been reading a lot here and came up with a semi itinerary and can use your guys' help to start narrowing it down.

    Not committed to anything, but have to start somewhere.

    Los angeles to Death Valley (~290 miles)
    Death Valley to carlsbad, NM (~990 miles - split drive over 2+ days, maybe stop at petrified national forest??).
    Carlsbad, NM to dallas, TX to new orleans, LA (again split this up).
    New Orleans, LA to atlanta, GA to NY, NY

    That's the basic route I was thinking. Figured death valley and carlsbad would be good. Since I am in carlsbad, NM, swing by TX and pick up a friend for rest of trip. Not sure how to split up time - do I drive 500 miles and then stay in a place a day or two, or drive 250ish miles and keep moving. I think that will depend on what's there along the way. Can people recommend specific stops and how much time to spend where on this route (and feel free to change route as you see fit).



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    Maybe this will help:

    Likes - landscapes, scenery - I do photography so that will be good.
    Don't really care for cities themselves (new orleans and the coke museum in atlanta would be cool). Looking to find some southern culture - music, food, etc along the way. Like old towns (again very good for photography).

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    I'd take it as it comes - when you feel like you have had enough driving for the day, find a hotel.

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    Default Mix it up.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You have a nice amount of time to do some sight seeing along the way so I would get the map out and start finding other places of interest to you and dotting your map. As a guide we reckon to cover 500-550 miles it will put you on the road for 9-10 hours a day with short rest stops and to fill up with gas. In the West this equates to averaging around 57mph and slightly less to the East so that will be a good guide for time v distance when planning, adding time for any major detours into National parks etc. The Grand canyon stands out by way of it's absence so I presume you have visited it before.
    I would search the forums for ideas , dot that map, and when you have come up with places of interest to you, we could help put the dots together.

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    Ok made it to dallas, tx from LA in 2 days (phew!!). Had to pick up a friend here.

    We have 7 days to go from here to new york. Will drive to new orleans tomorrow. Need to figure out a route up to NY - was thinking up to jackson, memphis, nashville, and continue onwards to NY.

    1. What to do in New orleans?
    2. what to do on the route above (and where to stay, where to keep moving)? what are some cool things on the way?

    Is there a way to hit up the mississippi river and do something fun (damn huckleberry finn - now makes me want to have an adventure there). Is there some nature stuff worth stopping at along the way to new york? Any other suggestions would be great (like cultural stuff, scenic stuff, or odd & new....Just open to an adventure for next 7 days.

    Just found info on great river road.....maybe take that from New orleans up to memphis and then move east......any ideas??

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